CompuTec S.A. is an SAP Business One Build & Sell Partner based in Poland. We provide SAP Business One and related IT services to SMEs across a wide range of industries in Poland. Our special interests lie in advanced manufacturing and logistics. For those industries, we have our own suite of SAP Business One extensions that are distributed across the globe in over 60 countries by more than 100 partners.


The CompuTec Solution Suite comprises CompuTec ProcessForce (a solution for advanced manufacturing), CompuTec PDC (Plant Data Capture), CompuTec WMS (Warehouse Management System), CompuTec Labels (label printing management) and CompuTec AppEngine (Web application programming and runtime platform). CompuTec Holo is CompuTec’s pioneering augmented reality solution for manufacturers using SAP Business One which is currently an R&D project.


CompuTec has rich experience in both On-Premises and Cloud deployments of SAP Business One. CompuTec’s own multi-award-winning cloud hosting for SAP Business One, CompuTec Cloud, allows SAP Business One users to enjoy the full functional range of SAP Business One and the CompuTec Solution Suite and take advantage of an abundance of customization options that are often unavailable in cloud-based environments.


As a current member of LinkedWorld, we help multinational businesses deploy SAP Business One in the Polish market and give our customers in Poland direct access to the best consulting firms around the world as they expand their businesses globally. Other LinkedWorld members are able to implement our solutions for advanced manufacturing and logistics in their territory.



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