SAP Agri-Food Customer - Cargill

To formulate the one package management solution covering the entire value chain for poultry(chicken) industry.


Founded in 1865, Cargill is a diversified multinational conglomerate that manufactures and operates food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services in 65 countries. Cargill Investment (China) Co., Ltd. has more than 7,000 employees and 52 operation offices in mainland China.


Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd.


China, Shanghai

Chuzhou, Anhui

Company Size

2000+ Employees


Consumer Goods (Food and Agriculture)

Product & Service

Food Processing, Breeding, Slaughtering, and Nutrition


SAP Business One on HANA

Easy Farm Cloud



Founded in 2011, Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. established the project covering the entire value chain for poultry industry that integrates feed production, hatching, breeding, slaughtering and processing. In order to realize the overall management throughout the entire industrial chain and meet the food safety requirements at the fastest speed while with the lowest investment, Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) Co., Ltd. implemented the SAP Business One Poultry solution, therefore managed to realize production management and quality traceability for the entire value chain, meanwhile greatly improved the efficiency of production and traceability execution as well as food safety.

Implementation Objectives


  • Achieve the management requirements of each business segment with a high return on investment;
  • Establish a highly integrated management platform for the entire industrial chain;
  • Establish the production process management over the entire industrial chain including feed, breeding, slaughtering & deep processing as well as the quality traceability system;
  • Realize fast deployment of SAP software in limited time;
  • As a global enterprise, to meet the company’s internal and external financial needs;
  • Realize the integration with other IT solutions.

Major Benefits:

  • The project lasted for eight months and quickly completed the deployment of Cargill’s SAP system, and achieve its implementation goal, which is the one package solution for the chicken industry;
  • Establish quality management over the entire industrial chain including feed, breeding, slaughtering & deep processing as well as traceability to ensure food safety;
  • Significantly improve the execution efficiency, and smoothly complete the order, receiving and delivery of goods, payment, cost accounting, as well as the annual financial report with its headquarters in the United States;
  • Realize the integration of several business units and achieve the complete management for the entire poultry industrial chain.

Entire Industrial Chain

Highly integrated, Operating efficiency highly improved​.

Fast Deployment

High ROI, goals achieved ahead of time​.

Quality Traceability

Safety guaranteed, customer satisfaction improved​

“SAP Business One is flexible and efficient as it can generate superior returns in a relatively short term with a fairly economical initial investment.”
Jay Ren
Business Applicaation Manager, Cargill Investment (China) Co. Ltd.